Beyers Super Depurative

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 Beyers Super DepurativeBeyers Super Depurative 

Beyers Super Depurative



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Ref:  AA2062
Brand:  Beyers Belgium

Beyers Belgium

Beyers Super Depurative is a mixture for pigeons. This is a light mixture for pigeons to be used in recovery and during periods of rest. Some of the ingredients include wheat, barley, paddy rice, linseed and buckwheat.

Average Analysis

  • Carbohydrates 66.82%
  • Crude Protein 10.63%
  •  Crude Fibre 5.09%
  • Crude Fat 3.75%
  • Crude Ash 1.93%
  • Lysine 0.35%
  • Phosphor 0.29%
  • Methionine 0.17%
  • Calcium 0.06%

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