Bi-OO-cyst Coccidiosis Control

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Bi-OO-cyst Coccidiosis Control



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Ref:  AA0147
Brand:  Biolink

Bi-OO-cyst 1 litre bottle - Dilutes to make 30 liters of solution.
Duel action: disinfectant and parasite control in one application.

Coccidiosis is a major problem for many chicken owners, and Bi-OO-cyst is a liquid concentrate which can be prepared and sprayed in the chicken coop to help eliminate the Oocysts that cause the disease.

Proven coccidiocidal

Bi-OO-Cyst is 96% effective against OOcysts at 1:30 after two hours, easily controlling a regular coccidiosis burden.
Bi-OO-Cyst is completely effective against OOcysts at 1:30 overnight, allowing a coccidiosis outbreak to be effectively combatted.

Key features

Bi-OO-Cyst offers farmers the only DEFRA Approved disinfectant which will control coccidiosis and remain totally active in the presence of formaldehyde.
Its broad spectrum of activity is effective against endoparasites (OOcysts) viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeasts.

How to use

Bi-OO-Cyst is a foaming product which is easy to monitor during application. Convenient and economical, it removes the need to use two separate products to disinfect and control coccidiosis.
After washing and cleaning thoroughly apply at the required dilution rate via a power washer set on High pressure (3000 psi) through a foaming lance.
Thoroughly cover all floors, dwarf walls and posts up to a maximum of one metre. Avoid excess application on walls and posts as this will result in premature movement

Dilution Rates

Bi-OO-Cyst is the first disinfectant that is a powerful virucide as well as being effective against endoparasites, especially OOcysts.

  • General Purpose - 1:100
  • Foot & Mouth Disease - 1:300
  • Swine Vesicular Disease - 1:125
  • Disease of Poultry Orders - 1:125 (DEFRA approved)
  • Coccidiosis control - 1:30

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