Harrisons Healthzyme

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Harrisons Healthzyme



<b><font color='red'>Special order, up to 21 days</font></b>  

Special order, up to 21 days

Ref:  AA2828

A naturally occurring, high-potency nutritional digestive aid. A blend of organic live enzymes for animal health.

Healthzyme may improve digestion, promote the breakdown and absorption of food and its nutrients and act as a probiotic. It may improve immune response and organ function, ezpecially skin, kidney and liver. Healthzyme may also be used for animals with malabsorption syndrome.

Direction of use

Top dress the animal’s food with healthzyme. For a volume of food equivalent to approx. 250ml (1 cup) use ½ tsp of HEALTHzyme. After bag is opened, healthzyme should be kept dry and stored in the freezer

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