Deli Nature 5* Menu Rabbits

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 Deli Nature 5* Menu RabbitsDeli Nature 5* Menu Rabbits 

Deli Nature 5* Menu Rabbits

Ref:  AA2299
Brand:  Beyers Deli Nature

Beyers Deli Nature

Deli Nature 5* (5 Star) Menu - for Rabbits

Complete food for (dwarf) rabbits.

3 great reasons to feed Deli Nature 5* Menu for Rabbits:

  1. High crude fibre content
    Deli Nature 5* Menu (Dwarf) Rabbit has a high fibre content. The crude fibre content plays an important role in supporting the rabbit's intestinal flora, stimulating the intestinal motility and reducing the risk of enteritis.  Plus it's also important to realise a good balance between easily digestible and non-digestible fibres, in order to optimally support the intestinal flora.
  2. With garden herbs and lucerne straw
    Deli Nature 5* Menu (Dwarf) Rabbit is enriched with a mixture of garden herbs, including parsley stalks, alfalfa stalks, celery, thyme, coriander and pepper.  The food also contains some lucerne straw.  Lucerne straw is rich in digestible fibres and therefore stimulates a healthy bowel function and a balanced growth of the intestinal flora.
  3. Rich in lucerne
    Lucerne is an excellent ingredient for rabbits as a result of its high fibre content.  The crude fibre content palys an important role in supporting the rabbits intestinal flora.  Lucerne also has a high protein content with a well balanced amino acid profile. Lucerne is also rich in minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron etc.... Germinated seeds of lucerne, called alfalfa, are an excellent source of vitamin E.  Dreed alfalfa contains an average of 120mg/kg of vitamin E.

A dwarf rabbit will east an average of 30g of food per kg of body weight.  Always make sure tat you rabbits have access to fresh drinking water and hay.

Deli Nature 5* Menu (Five Star) for Rabbits is an extremely varied and balanced mixture, containing more than 20 natural ingredients.  The mixture meets the nutritional demands of your rabbit.  It is enriched with extruded granules, crude fibre, pieces of fruit and vegetables.


  • Derivatives of vegetable origin
  • Cereals
  • Vegetables, minimum 18% (with 48% pea flakes, 15% carrot pieces, 7% leek flakes, 5% beetroot)
  • Herbs, minimum 12%
  • Vegetable protein extracts
  • Fruit, minimum 2% (80% apple)
  • Minerals, seeds, various sugars, oils and fats, yeasts

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