A Deluxe Gift For Your Parrot

A Deluxe Gift For Your Parrot
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This gift bag is perfect for parrots who are easily bored, but very smart, it includes one of our most popular parrot toys the Zoo Max Teacher Toy. This is suitable for any medium to large parrot such as Caiques, Amazons, African Greys, and Blue & Gold Macaws! Inside you will find:

  • Deli Nature Parakeet/Lovebird Snacks OR Parrot Snacks*
  • Zoo Max Teacher Toy
  • Mini bird kabob
  • Tweeters Treats Jelly Cups x 6
  • A sample bag of a Goldenfeast parrot treat

*The Deli Nature Snacks will be one of three:  Parakeet/Lovebird Snacks Fruit & Honey, Parakeet/Lovebird Snacks Nuts OR Parrot Snacks Tropical Fruit – this will depend on availability and all three are suitable for parrots of all sizes

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