Winnower (Seed Cleaner) Galvanised

Winnower (Seed Cleaner) Galvanised
 Winnower (Seed Cleaner) GalvanisedWinnower (Seed Cleaner) Galvanised 
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Ref:  AA1883

Galvanised seed cleaner.

It has an extra seed bucket and will cope with large seeds such as sunflower seeds. It has a dial to adjust depending on size of seed you are cleaning, to make it more efficient. This unit has been used for many years in Europe with great results.

There is a small area on the top of the seed cleaner where you slowly pour in the seed or seed mixtures.  At the side of the unit there is a dial which can be adjusted depending on the density of the seed. At the bottom of the unit is two buckets ones for seed and one for the dust and husks.  Start with the dial on the side turned all the way anti clockwise, switch on the unit and pour just a cup of seed in the top. Switch off the unit and see the results in the buckets. If the seed has not separated from the husks then turn the dial a few degrees clockwise and try again. Once you find the perfect position for your particular seed or seed mixture, note that position for this particular seed mixture.

Approximate Dimensions - Height 35cm (13 3/4")  Width 33cm (13")  Depth 18cm (7 1/2")

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