Cog Winder Parrot Toy - Large

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Cog Winder Parrot Toy - LargeCog Winder Parrot Toy - LargeCog Winder Parrot Toy - LargeCog Winder Parrot Toy - Large

Cog Winder Parrot Toy - Large


Available - usually in stock  

Available - usually in stock

Ref:  AA1800
Brand:  Other

The large cog winder is a durable noise making acylic parrot toy with bright coloured moving parts.

Bright and interesting colours have been used to really grab the parrots attention both inside and outside of the tough casing. The bird has to learn how to turn the handles on the winder.  There is also a loop at the bottom so the parrot can get a better grip on the toy.  As they turn the handles in either direction it causes the colourful centre cog inside to move. This in turn moves the other two cogs and they all make a clicking noise as the rotate.

You can also add materials or attach other toys to the handle at the bottom to provide a greater variety of textures for your parrot to explore.

Suitable for all medium and large parrots - amazons, african greys, eclectus, conures and macaws.  

Length (with chain) 38cm (15 inch)
Width 10cm (4")
Depth 7cm (2.75")

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