Aviform Force 12 Tonic

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Aviform Force 12 Tonic



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Ref:  AA1603
Brand:  Aviform

Aviform Force 12 Vitamin B12 Tonic for Cage & Aviary Birds

  • Over 3 times the gains of standard vitamin B12.
  • The most effective vitamin B12 tonic available anywhere.
  • No loss of activity, with almost complete utilisation (unlike standard B12 where 60-70% is expelled).
  • Improves metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrates.
  • Ultrapure water base (not syrup) helps to prevent any unwanted fungi growth in your birds system.

Contains methylcobalamin (High Bio-availabilty coenzyme form of vitamin B12), not to be confused with ordinary B12 products containing Cyanocobalamin.

Add 10ml per pint of drinking water.

May be mixed with all other Aviform products.

Suitable and safe for administration on an ongoing basis at all times.

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