Aviform Mycoform T Respiratory Aid

Aviform Mycoform T Respiratory Aid
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Aviform Mycoform T Respiratory Aid - 250ml

New improved formulation. High potency nutritional respiratory formula, which is one of the most economical and effective pigeon supplements currently available.


. A single weekly measure maintains a clear system, essential for peak performance.
. Very effective.
. 100% Natural.
. No side effects.
. Totally safe.
. Use for 5 days during respiratory problems.


. Even healthy birds will look and fly better.
. Reduces losses (especially during young bird racing).
. Simple administration.
. Very economical.


Peppermint Oil
Pine Oil
Eucalyptus Oil
Origanum Oil
Extract Copper (as chelate)


Just add 10ml per 2 litres (4 pints approx.) of drinking water.
Once weekly to maintain a clear respiratory system.
Use for 5 consecutive days during respiratory infection.


Respiratory infections are a major cause of reduced stamina and performance in pigeons, especially during young bird racing.

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