Beyers 7/29 Enzymix Sport

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 Beyers 7/29 Enzymix SportBeyers 7/29 Enzymix Sport 

Beyers 7/29 Enzymix Sport



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Ref:  AA1621
Brand:  Beyers Belgium

Beyers Belgium

Sports mixture with French Cribbs maize, enriched with enzymes and composed of 11 ingredients. Enriched with enzymes for optimal digestion, maximum absorption of nutrients and manure reduction. Specifically tailored to the pigeons’ needs during the racing season.

Composition: Cribbs maize 30%, wheat 17%, plata maize 10%, yellow 9%, dun peas 8%, safflower 6%, green peas 6%, maple peas 5%, dari 4%, red sorghum 4%, vetches 1%

Analysis: Carbohydrates 63,16%, crude protein 13,00%, crude fibre 4,95%, crude fat 4,20%, crude ash 1,82%, lysine 0,62%, phosphor 0,29%, methionine 0,16%, calcium 0,06%

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