Beyers Condition Plus

Beyers Condition Plus
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Beyers Belgium

Condition Plus (600g) is a unique condition powder to keep your pigeons in top condition throughout the entire year. Condition Plus contains everything your pigeons will need to effortlessly deal with the strenuous breeding, sports and moulting seasons. Condition Plus has an impressive 20% fat content and also contains lecithin and L-carnitine to allow the pigeon to effectively convert these fats. Condition Plus also contains a wide range of vitamins and amino acids. Yeast cell walls colostrum and oregano have also been added to Condition plus in order to support the pigeon's immune system.

Instructions for use.

20g per kilo of food.

In the breeding season 1 X per week.

In the moulting season 1 x per week.

In the sports season 2 X per week.


calcium carbonate, yeast, dextrose, refined vegetable oil (coconut, palm), whey powder/coconut oil 50/50, monosodium phosphate, sodium chloride, monocalcium phosphate, yeast cell wall 1.5%, colostrum 0.5%, wheat gluten feed, mono and diglycerides of lauric acid, and is esterified with glcerol, whey powder, glycerine, lactose and tricalcium phosphate


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