Beyers Premium Young Pigeons Olympiade

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 Beyers Premium Young Pigeons OlympiadeBeyers Premium Young Pigeons Olympiade 

Beyers Premium Young Pigeons Olympiade



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Ref:  AA2065
Brand:  Beyers Deli Nature

Beyers Deli Nature

is a sport mixture for young pigeons with small cribbs maize and soya. Contains high-quality ingredients with an optimal nutritional value. Optimal absorption of the mixture. It contains toasted soya beans as a source of easily digestible proteins.


Small cribbs maize 24%, white wheat 12%, white dari 10%, extra red sorghum 10%, green peas 8%, toasted soya beans 7%, popcorn maize 6%, safflower 6%, paddy rice 4%, cargo rice 4%, vetches 3%, Kadjang Idjoe 2%, winterpeas 1%, hempseed 1%, yellow peas 1%, dunpeas 1%

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