Italian Wire Double Breeding Cage X2

Italian Wire Double Breeding Cage X2
 Size: 90cm cage x2Size: 120cm cage x2 
Our Price:  £140.00

Ref:  AA4213

Italian Wire Double Breeding Cage X2

Excellent build quality and accessories. 

Self-assembled double breeders that can be flat packed away for easy storage outside of the breeding season if required.

90cm cage size approx 90cm x 40cm x 45cm

120cm cage size approx 120cm x 40cm x 45cm

Ideal for breeding canaries and small finches.  The divider can be removed to convert to 1 large breeding cage if preferred, which is then suitable for a pair of budgies or similar.

Removable bottom tray for easy cleaning.

Carry handle.

Each side of the double breeding cage comes with:

Two feeders
One drinker
Two doors on the front
Two perches

Cages only available in packs of two online.

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