Montana Cages Boston

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Montana Cages BostonMontana Cages BostonMontana Cages BostonMontana Cages Boston

Montana Cages Boston


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Ref:  AA3387
Brand:  Montana Cages

Montana Cages

The Boston from Montana Cages is the ideal home for parakeets, lovebirds and small parrots! The small bar spacing makes it perfect for smaller species which still need plenty of climbing space. 

The special Boston model features six small doors which can be used for the feeders (6 dishes provided), or for bird baths or nest boxes, making this cage extremely versatile. 


  • Perches
  • Seed catcher skirt (removable)
  • Swivel-out feed dishes made of stainless steel
  • Stable roller feet
  • Opening top with extra perch
  • Heavy AVILON powder coating


  • Approx. 65cm wide x 56cm deep x 162cm high (without seed catcher)
  • Approx. 80cm wide x 71cm deep x 162cm high (with seed catcher)
  • Interior height: 123 cm
  • Bar spacing: 10 mm
  • Bar thickness: 3 mm
  • Weight: 35 kg