Wooden Double Breeding Cage - 80x40x40cm

Wooden Double Breeding Cage - 80x40x40cm
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Double wooden breeding cage - 80cm x 40cm x 40cm (length x width x height)

Supplied as a kit, with screws, wood glue and instructions.  The wood glue is not necessary if you wish to be able to take the unit apart again, but it does significantly reduce the risk of red mite. 

  • Made from 12mm thick wood, very strong
  • Two slide out drawers for cleaning
  • Cage fronts included - please note the colour of the cage fronts may vary, they are usually black or grey
  • Slider included to make the double into into one longer unit
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Needed extras
Tuesday, 16 February 2021  | 

This cage was very easily put together however the in structions weren't the best but figured it out and didn't take long to erect. Wood is cheap and cage is fragile once up,I think putting it up and down as suggested would be detrimental to the structure,wood is too cheap but that showed in the price! It is a great size and has and still is working well for the numerous rescues that come through our door. I would also say that I will be buying another because size is perfect so it can't be that bad!!!

Decent self build cage
Tuesday, 1 December 2020  | 

Wasn't sure about this cage so delayed ordering one for a while. The idea of building it from a flat pack appealed to me and this is how it went.

The Good Bits:- The wood sections forming the body of the cage are sturdy and screw together easily. The cage fronts supplied with the kit are of the Dutch/Belgian style with a large guillotine front door, and an additional hinged door for nest pan access. They are very strong and the seed hopper apertures are well up off the bottom of the cage. They do really require the Dutch style plastic seed hoppers which are available separately from Gardenfeathers.

All parts of the cage fit together neatly and all you need to do is ensure the cage is square when you put the screws in.

A drawing is included for easy identification of the parts and how they fit into the assembly. The whole cage can be assembled in well under 20 minutes, so long as you are careful to check you have all the panels in the correct place before assembly.

The not so good bits:- The top runner for the slide partition is glued in before packing, and mine had worked loose. I had to glue it back on again. It is necessary to trim the two bottom pegs in each cage front (to just under half of their length) otherwise the cage fronts won't fit the cages. This is no big deal, as anybody who has made their own wooden cages will know it is usually the case that the cage fronts often require adjustment, but I thought I'd mention it. I had to saw about 4mm off the sliding divider as it was too high to fit. Also, the divider needs to be pushed right in to a position where it is difficult to extract it again without opening one of the guillotine doors (it's a two handed job). Simple remedy is to make another slide slightly wider than the cage depth.

The Bad:- The pull out drawers are on the flimsy side, and the beading on mine had come off the tray floors. Simple enough to glue them together again, but annoying just the same. Incidentally, the glue supplied with my kit had solidified in the tube, and even if it hadn't there was insufficient quantity to apply to every join. A marketing feature of the cage is that gluing the joints helps to avoid mite. That wasn't possible with the kit supplied

Summary:- Probably as good, or better than the few ready made wooden breeders currently available in the UK. The cages are made by Fauna, a well respected Dutch maker, and it's just a pity that only the one size is available here. The ply is light birch (I think) and the instructions suggest that painting isn't necessary. However, I think most UK fanciers would want to paint them, as although the ply is of decent quality, plywood is just that, and the odd imperfection in the finish can be covered up with paint.

I would recommend the cage, and it would have earned 5 stars but for the issues I have mentioned (partition slide and floor drawers). No doubt those with all the necessary skills, tools, and materials, could tell us they could make better, but most of us can't, and I doubt whether I could have made the cage for the price I paid for it if I had bought everything at a retailer. Remember the cage is 32" x 16" x 16", and that is a lot of space for the money.

I only have a small shed but I still have space for a couple more, and I'll be buying them in due course.