Polly Want A Sprout? Leslie Moran

Polly Want A Sprout? Leslie Moran
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NEW from Leslie Moran - creator of "The Best Bird Food Ever" range of sprouting blends, and regular contributor to Parrots Magazine.

The First Balanced Exotic Avian Nutrition Food Plan: This book makes feeding your parrots and finches the wholesome, real foods that they must eat every day, simple, easy, and fun. While also eliminating other harmful and unnecessary foods from their diet. Why is feeding balanced nutrition important? Because the only way for your birds to live long, happy and healthy lives, is by improving their health and well-being by feeding a combination of foods that provide balanced nutrition. The basic and essential nutritional elements presented and discussed in this book embrace the building blocks of solid, basic nutritional knowledge, scientific research, and case studies. Because of the enhanced nutrition that feeding birds a correctly formulated and properly grown sprouting blend provides, the author uses this life-giving avian superfood as the foundation for her ‘Balanced Exotic Avian Maintenance Diet Food Plan’. This edition, formerly "The Complete Guide to Successful Sprouting for Parrots", has been completely rewritten and eight new information-rich chapters have been added. This author is best known for her investigative journalism and attention to detail, while being straightforward with the facts. Leslie simplifies complex subjects down to the basics. A must-read.

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