Starting with Ducks - Kate Thear

Starting with Ducks - Kate Thear
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Ducks are handy and adaptable. They can be kept on any scale, as long as the proper conditions and provided for them. These include access to clean water, shelter, food and good management.

This book covers all aspects of keeping, breeding and rearing ducks, for show, pleasure or commercial purposes. The material is presented in a clear, concise way, with an emphasis on practical detail.

This book contains information on

  • Ducks in the garden, farm and smallholding.
  • Domestic and ornamental breeds.
  • Ponds, lakes and streams
  • Breeding and rearing
  • Where to begin
  • What you need to know
  • Full of practical tips
  • Illustrated and up to date

Katie Thear is a well known author and poultry keeper. She edited Country Smallhoulding magazine for many years, and is stilla regular contributor. She is the author of many books on poultry, livestock and smallholdings.

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