Bird Breeders Directory

We are often asked for details of breeders, and are compiling a directory of local and national breeders of poultry, cage and aviary birds, parrots and pigeons.  If you would like to have your details added, please send your name, telephone number, email address and list of breeds (plus optional website and postal address) to


Breed(s) Contact Details
  • Top quality Serama, both silkied and straight feathered - the worlds smallest chickens (true bantams).
  • Bred this years best of breed Serama at the National poultry show of great britain. Plus previous years best of breed at the Welsh National and Northumberland poultry society show. Very limited stock for sale, resulting in a waiting list.
Northumbria Serama.

Cage & Aviary Birds

Breed(s) Contact Details
  • Budgerigars in most colours kept, including Normals, Opalines, Cinnamons Red-eyes and a wide variety of Spangles.
  • Birds usually available at very modest prices. All fanciers invited to call even if only for a chat and view our stock!
Dave & Pat Herring
  • Exhibition Budgerigars in all normal varieties including Cinnamons, Opalines, Spangles, Dominant Pieds and Red Eyes.
Dean Harding
Telephone: 07788131567
  • Champion Breeder & Exhibitor of budgerigars in most colours including lacewings, located in Worthing, West Sussex
Telephone: 01903 266606
Mobile: 07719623592
  • Lizard Canaries
Keith Barker
Telephone: 07778 988208
  • Yellow agate canaries
  • Harlequin canaries
Stu Johnson
Telehone: 07772653929
Durham area

Parrots & Parakeets

Breed(s) Contact Details
  • Mutation kakarikis

Graham Statham

  • Parrotlets
  • Mountain Parakeets
  • Black Cheek Lovebirds
Mr Stefano Salles
Telephone: 07729 845920