Montana Aviary Paradiso 150

Montana Aviary Paradiso 150
 Montana Aviary Paradiso 150Montana Aviary Paradiso 150 
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Brand:  Montana Cages

Montana Cages

The largest bird aviary from the Paradiso series from Montana Cages.

In this luxury bird cage, small parrots, large and small parakeets and smaller birds such as finches and canaries will feel comfortable and have enough space for flying and playing.

The size of these aviaries meets or exceeds the experts' recommendations of the veterinary association in Germany (TVT) for the species it is designed for. 

Clever detail solutions, such as the protective flap in front of the drawer, the acrylic dirt guard as well as the four front doors, which convert to approach flaps, make the Paradiso 150 stand out.  In addition, the Paradiso 150 has four side doors for attaching nest boxes or bird baths. 


  • Approx. 150cm wide x 65cm deep x 161cm high    
  • Interior height: 120cm     
  • Bar spacing: 10mm     
  • Bar thickness: 2mm    
  • Front doors: approx. 28cm x 21cm     
  • Smaller doors: approx. 13cm x 17cm    
  • Drawer height: 35mm

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