Joels Pro Line Soft Budgie Eggfood

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Joels Pro Line Soft Budgie Eggfood

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Brand:  Joels
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Joels Pro Line Soft Budgie Eggfood - moist and ready to use

Thanks to different top breeders in the budgerigar world, the most complete eggfood on the market. Full stop.

The eggfood contains :

  • 10 different dried herbs with their specific characteristics
  • Gammarus shrimp which provides animal proteins
  • Dried vegetables
  • Coconut flour (anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic effect)
  • Additional lysine and methionine - animo acids for feather composition
  • Perilla, quinoa and tonic seed for better condition
  • Oregano as a source of potassium, calcium, and phosphorus

The eggfood is ready to use and moist thanks to oils and fats, but can also be given with some fresh vegetables and additional herbs.

Joels Pro Line - the start of a revolutionary range of bird products ...

It finally happened. Through the close cooperation of some of the top breeders, the birth of the Pro Line is now a fact. The launch is now done in the budgerigar world through three products in the range, The Pro Line SEED (BudgieMixHP) Pro Line SOFT (moist eggfood) and Pro Line DRY (dry eggfood).  But both in range (other species like lovebrids and big parakeets) and depth (vitamins, minerals, supplements) Pro Line will be expanded rapidly.

What's so special about the Joels Pro Line?

  • Developed in close coorporation with and explicitly tested by top breeders, including:
    • Maarten Heylen
    • Jac Cuyten
    • Willie Dokter
    • Mike Ball
    • Michael Maroné
    • Daniel Lutolf
    • Rene Heylen
  • High quality products
  • The common focus through the assortment is the improvement of the immunity of the birds so as to promote the body's natural defenses against bacteria and viruses.
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Egg food
Thursday, 16 August 2018  | 

Product Lookes good,not used before, but birds seem to like it.

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