Battles Louse Powder 750g

Battles Louse Powder 750g
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Ref:  AA1072

Battles Louse Powder 750g is a ready to use insecticidal powder.

Contains: Permethrin (25:72 cis:trains isometric ratio) 0.47% w/w. A permethrin based powder of low mammalian toxicity, combing rapid knockdown and kill with sustained residual activity.

For the control of:

  • Animal pests - such as fleas and lice by treating bedding, blankets and rugs;
  • Crawling insects - earwigs and other bristle tails, mites, tick, book lice, cockroaches, beetles, moth larvae, silverfish, fleas, lice, bed bugs and ants;
  • Also controls wood lice;
  • Wasps - by treating in and around nests.


Battles Louse Powder is a ready to use powder for use in the following situations: pet shops, domestic pets, veterinary practices, animal houses etc.

Animal Pests: As an aid to the control of infestation, apply powder to rugs, blankets, bedding, blankets used by infested animals. Do not apply directly to animals.


Apply directly from the container as a fine dust to surfaces. Apply as required and re-treat as necessary.

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