Vetark Nutrobal - calcium balancer & multivitamin

Vetark Nutrobal - calcium balancer & multivitamin
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Brand:  Vetark

Vetark Nutrobal

Nutrobal is a vitamin/mineral supplement specifically formulated as a high calcium balancer for correcting the inadequate levels of calcium present in predominantly seed diets or live insectivorous foods such as crickets and mealworms.

The Calcium:Phosphorus ratio is very important in ensuring healthy bone growth, and reproductive function and this potent supplement with a Ca:P ratio of 46:1 is extremely valuable in correcting deficient diets.

Manufactured especially fine so that it still sticks to seed, or to crickets etc. Doesn't just fall off. Can be used to dust the excellent hulled seed mixes, or onto fruit etc.

Nutrobal can be sprinkled onto all diets at a rate of 1 normal pinch per kilo of animal being supplemented. Pinch the amount onto the palm of the hand and then blow it over the food.

Does it matter which version of the product I buy i.e. label for birds or label for reptiles?

No there is only one Nutobal product, all formulations are the same inside the container.


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