Polly's Pastel Perches Large

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Polly's Pastel Perches Large


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Ref:  AA1260
Brand:  Polly's Pet Products

Polly's Pet Products

Polly's Feather Weight therapeutic perch is a veterinarian designed variable size perch which will trim your bird's nails and beak naturally while promoting healthier feet and leg muscles. becuase birds spend their lives on their feet, probelms can develop if they are confined to perches of single thickness and shape. Polly's Pastels are variable size therapeutic perches which allows your pet bird to change and choose the thickness and shape for the most comfortable fit.


  • Naturally trims nails and beaks
  • Variable size promotes healthier feet and leg muscles by changing the gripping angles
  • Non-chewable and indestructable for birds
  • Textured non-slip surface proven safe for birds feet
  • Designed in bright colours that are attractive to birds


The perch should be mounted with the oval side upwards (profile should look like an egg standing up). Mount the perch higher than the exisiting perches with the perch and one washer on the inside of the cage and wing nut and plate (or washer) on the outside.


Soak in soap and water solution then rinse thoroughly (some colour fading will occur with bleach or dishwasher detergents).

Veterinarian designed, tested and approved. Colour is non-toxic, will not rub off and is proven safe for birds with no paints or oils used.

Available in assorted pastel colours - unfortunately we cannot guarantee the colours we have in stock and your order will be for one colour chosen at random from available stock. If you require a particular colour please telephone.

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