Polly's Window and Shower Perch

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Polly's Window and Shower Perch



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Brand:  Polly's Pet Products

Polly's Pet Products

Do you shower your parrot?  Many parrots appreciate the chance to have a proper shower, and Polly's award winning multipurpose window and shower perch will help them to do just that!  The perch is suitable for all medium and large parrots - african greys, amazon parrots, macaws, eclectus, cockatoos etc. 

All parrots from the tropical rainforest spend half of their active time grooming and bathing while the other half is spent foraging for food. Showers are an important part of their daily activities. This perch can give your bird back the thrill of the tropical rainforest in your own shower!

You can also use for this perch on: windows, car windows, mirrors, indeed any area with a smooth non-porous surface.

Clean mounting surface and over-sized suction cups with alcohol or other surface cleaner before using. The suction cups shape may be distorted during shipping however the shape will be restored when mounted on clean glass for several hours prior to use. Use on surfaces other than clean smooth and non-porous may have unpredictable results. For best results apply a small amount of baby oil or vaseline to the rims of the suction cups.

Tips for use in the shower

Don't turn the shower on full - start with a light shower. Adjust the water temperature BEFORE you put the bird on the perch. Make sure the water is luke warm not hot. To stop the bird flying off pull the shower curtain or close the shower door If the bird tries to chew the suction cups cover them with a cloth. To clean your birds feet and for better grip use a wet face cloth or similar for your bird to stand on. Never leave your bird unattended


Check window temperature and obseve your bird for signs of overheating or cold (panting or fluffing) Don't push too hard when mouting the suction cups onto plate glass (!) Add a toy or rope to the quick link on the end of the perch. 

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