Zoo-Max Parrot Toy Net 30 Inch

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Zoo-Max Parrot Toy Net 30 Inch


Available - usually in stock  

Available - usually in stock

Ref:  AA2449
Brand:  Zoo-Max


Made from 100% cotton rope with small wooden blocks and acrylic parts.

A net is perfect for parrots that love to climb - particularly suited to small and medium parrots such as amazons and caiques, that spend as much time upside down as the right way up!

Please note that colours may vary and the actual net is usually made from white cotton rope rather than coloured cotton rope.

Nets are great for encouraging your parrot exercise feet, leg and core muscles, especially if they are more used to just sitting on a perch that does not move.

The toy net can be hung in a large cage, or sited out side of the cage for play time.  It is also a great addition to an aviary.

Dimensions: approx 30 inch x 30 inch

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