Deli Nature 60 Parrot

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Deli Nature 60 Parrot

Ref:  AA2522
Brand:  Beyers Deli Nature

Beyers Deli Nature

Is a general basic mixture for all species of  parrots with whole and peeled peanuts.


Peeled oats 2%, hempseed 2%, Kadjang Idjoe 2%, red sorgho 2%, safflower 10%, buckwheat 4%, clipped oats 4%, barley 3%, paddy rice 5%, white sunflower seeds 12%, striped sunflower seeds 29%, wheat 2,5%, peeled peanuts 4%, plate maize 4%, cribbs maize 4,5%, pine nuts/cedar nuts 3%, peanuts 5%, pumpkin seed 2%

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