Palm Nuts (Frozen)

Palm Nuts (Frozen)
 Palm Nuts (Frozen)Palm Nuts (Frozen) 
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Palm nuts are the natural food of African Grey parrots. It is actually the yellow flesh around the nut that is important although larger parrots such as macaws can crack the nut as well. There is no better food you could feed to your parrots than what they eat in the wild.  Palm nuts are good for all parrots particularly breeding birds. As some birds tend to be fussy eaters it is best to start with just a smaller pack to try them out.

Please note that we only despatch Monday to Thursday to give your parcel the best chance of arriving within two working days.  They will defrost in the post and on arrival you should put the palm nuts into a deep freeze. They should be thawed over night and washed before use. Feed a pair of African Greys 4 nuts per day.

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