Deli Nature Gallix Ornamental Maintenance Pellet

Deli Nature Gallix Ornamental Maintenance Pellet
 Deli Nature Gallix Ornamental Maintenance PelletDeli Nature Gallix Ornamental Maintenance Pellet 
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Product information

When your birds are fully grown, change over to the GalliX Ornamental Maintenance Pellet.  This maintenance pellet ensures that your adult ornamental fowl receive all the necessary nutrients.  During this phase, the emphasis is not so much about fattening up and strengthening the frame, it is more about health and the general splendid condition of your ornamental fowl.  Since GalliX Ornamental Maintenance Pellet is a 100% natural product, this maintenance feed can be given to poultry up to slaughter.  When animals are breeding, you can change them over to the GalliX Ornamental Laying Pellet 5 weeks before the laying period, and during the laying period itself.

Analytical constituents

Crude protein 16%, crude fat 4%, minerals 5%, crude cellulose 4,2%, Vit. A 10.000 IE/kg, Vit. D 2.000 IE/kg, Vit. E 50 mg/kg

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