Beyers 7/47 Enzymix Modern System Energy

Beyers 7/47 Enzymix Modern System Energy
 Beyers 7/47 Enzymix Modern System EnergyBeyers 7/47 Enzymix Modern System Energy 
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Beyers Belgium

Beyers Elite Enzymix MS Energy (20kg) is a fat-rich mixture for the racing season, enriched with enzymes.

Thanks to the high fat content, the mixture perfectly fulfills the needs of the pigeons during the flight.The mixture must be given during the last feeds before basketing. The number of feeds is dependent on the anticipated intensity and distance of the flight. Easily used in a system with 7/43 and 7/48.

Composition: Dari 15%, paddy rice 12%, safflower 10%, peeled sunflower seeds 10%, small Cribbs maize 7,5%, popcorn maize 7,5% extra red sorghum 5%, white wheat 5%, pigeon rice 5%, white seed 5%, hemp seed 5%, peeled oats 4%, yellow millet 3%, vetches 3%, rapeseed 3%

Analysis: Carbohydrates 52,18%, crude protein 13,80%, crude fat 12,73%, crude fibre 7,57%, crude ash 2,45%, lysine 0,47%, phosphor 0,37%, methionine 0,25%, calcium 0,09%

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