Beyers Premium CG Koopman

Beyers Premium CG Koopman
 Beyers Premium CG KoopmanBeyers Premium CG Koopman 
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Beyers Belgium

Beyers Premium CG Koopman (20kg) is an all-round mixture after a recipe by the Dutch champion Gerard Koopman. It is a versatile mixture with high-quality ingredients, with at least 25 ingredients including the unique Goldcorn. Can be fed throughout the year with the limited addition of other mixtures. Contains toasted soya, small cribbs maize and Goldcorn with animal proteins and fats.


Carbohydrates 52,39%, crude protein 14,64%, crude fat 8,67%, crude fibre 6,27%, crude ash 2,15%, lysine 0,94%, phosphorus 0,32%, methionine 0,2%, calcium 0,07%


Small cribbs maize 22%, safflower 7%, green peas 6%, maple peas 6%, dari 5%, dunpeas 5%, small green peas 5%, popcorn maize 5%, red sorghum 5%, wheat 5%, Goldcorn 5%, peeled peanuts 2%, buckwheat 2%, peeled oats 2%, Kadjang Idjoe 2%, black rapeseed 2%, linseed 2%, paddy rice 2%, vetches 2%, peeled sunflower seeds 2%, hempseed 1%, white millet 1%, sesame seed 1%, canary seed 1%

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