South Feeds Premium High Protein Plus [DISCONTINUED]

South Feeds Premium High Protein Plus [DISCONTINUED]
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South Feeds (L E South)

South Feeds High Protein Plus

South Feeds High Protein Plus (formally South Feeds Premium Pulse Mix) contains equal proportions of old crop Tic Beans and Maple Peas with added Vetches and Mung Beans. A traditional heavy mixture made up of protein-rich pulses which is suitable as a base mix for breeding and rearing or for adding to race mixtures as a means of improving muscle condition ahead of long distance races.  Unlike Premium Pulse (which it replaces), it does not contain either blue or yellow peas. Nutritionally, High Protein Plus has a slightly higher crude protein content than Premium Pulse did.


Maple peas, Tic beans, Vetches and Mung beans.

Analytical Constituents 

Dry Matter: 84.6%, Oil: 1.6%, Crude Protein: 24.8%, Fibre: 6.9% Ash: 4.0%.



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