South Feeds Premium High Protein Plus

South Feeds Premium High Protein Plus
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Brand:  South Feeds (L E South)

South Feeds (L E South)

*** Replaces South Feeds Premium Pulse Mix ***

High Protein Plus 20kg contains equal proportions of old crop Tic Beans and Maple Peas with added Vetches and Mung Beans. A traditional heavy mixture made up of protein-rich pulses which is suitable as a base mix for breeding and rearing or for adding to race mixtures as a means of improving muscle condition ahead of long distance races.  Unlike Premium Pulse (which it replaces), it does not contain either blue or yellow peas. Nutritionally, High Protein Plus has a slightly higher crude protein content than Premium Pulse did.

Contains: Maple peas, Tic beans, Vetches and Mung beans.

Analysis: Dry Matter: 84.6%, Oil: 1.6%, Crude Protein: 24.8%, Fibre: 6.9% Ash: 4.0%.



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