Versele Laga Champion Extra Subliem

Versele Laga Champion Extra Subliem
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Brand:  Versele Laga

Versele Laga

Versele Laga Champion Extra Subliem (25kg) is a wonderful, scientifically composed mixture, with a high percentage of red maize subliem and Extra Plata maize. In combination with Energy Corn, Champion Extra Subliem prepares the pigeons for the highest performances.


Extra Plata maize (22%); Red maize subliem (17%); extra small cribs maize (3%); cinquantino maize (1%); extra wheat (13%); dari (7.5%); maple peas (5.5%); dun peas (5%); small green peas (4%); milocorn (3%); cardy (3%); vetches/tares (3%); toasted soya beans (3%); mung beans (3%); hempseed (2%); striped sunflower seeds (1%); buckwheat (1%); linseed (1%); black rapeseed (1%); German thistle seed (1%).

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