Poultry Shield Ready to Use 750ml

Poultry Shield Ready to Use 750ml
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Poultry Shield - Multi-purpose cleaner, Sanitiser and Odour Neutraliser
Poultry Shield is available as a 750ml ready to spray (comes with spray head), a 1 Litre or 5 Litre concentrate.
Poultry Shield is widely recognised as the most powerful non-caustic cleaning product on the market and is very popular with chicken keepers.

Key Features

  • Keeps your chickens healthy and clean.
  • Cleans and sanitises all animal housing and equipment
  • Removes dirt build up including faecal and waxy deposits
  • Removes organic matter in which mites live and breed

How To Use

  • Remove all old bedding and excess litter
  • Spray interior areas and equipment with poultry shield solution. Pay particular attention to roof structure, joints, cracks, crevices and perches.
  • Leave to soak for one hour, then wash/brush clean.
  • Rinse out drinkers weekly with poultry shield solution

Poultry Shield concentrate is ideal for cleaning farm premises and equipment.  Wear goggles, gloves, suitable industrial work wear.  Wear a mask if operating in a contained space.  Use a 10-20% solution, apply by direct low pressure spray on the soiled equipment and material (not on the chickens) allowing enough liquid to mechanically eliminate the deposits of organic matter and parasites.

Poultry Shield should be applied regularly, according to the situation. The cleaning of equipment must be systematic allowing enough liquid to penetrate into all cracks and crevices, ensuring a good result.  The storage, handling and transportation should be performed wearing suitable industrial work wear.

Spray everywhere inside the chicken coup ensuring plenty of Poultry Shield penetrates all the joins. If possible loosen some of the joints in the structure to guarantee all areas are covered. Do not be tempted to use a household cleaning product as many contain caustic chemicals which can be absorbed by eggs.


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