Deli Nature 69 (Australian) Parakeet with Sunflower

Deli Nature 69 (Australian) Parakeet with Sunflower
 Deli Nature 69 (Australian) Parakeet with SunflowerDeli Nature 69 (Australian) Parakeet with Sunflower 
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Brand:  Beyers Deli Nature

Beyers Deli Nature

Deli Nature 69 Large Parakeets with Sunflower is a very popular varied mixture with 10% sunflower seeds.  Ideal for cockatiels and other large parakeets. 


Yellow millet 23%, canary seed 18%, safflower 10%, white millet 7%, striped sunflower seeds 7%, red millet 5%, buckwheat 5%, hempseed 4%, clipped oats 4%, red dari / sorghum 4%, niger 4%, white sunflower seeds 3%, peeled oats 2%, linseed 2%, paddy rice 2%

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