Poultry CalciBoost Powder - The Birdcare Company

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Poultry CalciBoost Powder - The Birdcare Company

Ref:  AA1437
Brand:  Birdcare Company

Birdcare Company

Poultry CalciBoost Powder from The Birdcare Company is a highly bio available source of calcium and magnesium for poultry.

Powdered format for on food use. Maintains leg strength and shell quality in laying hens. Improves egg yields. May reduce aggression.

Active ingredients: Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium and vitamin D3 (8,800 ius per kg)

Add 1 gram of Poultry CalciBoost to the food for every 4 kgs of bird bodyweight. One level teaspoon weighs 2.4 grams and so is enough for 10 kilograms of birds. Do not feed every day.

Ideal for hens laying eggs. Can help with behavioural problems such as aggression. Can be used all year round to promote good general health.

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