Versele Laga Junior Extra Subliem

Versele Laga Junior Extra Subliem
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Brand:  Versele Laga

Versele Laga

Versele Laga Junior Extra Subliem 25kg

From Versele Laga: Some young pigeons having achieved high performances in their junior year are no longer able to match these results in the following years. Incorrect nutrition may be the origin of this problem. Junior Extra Subliem offers young pigeons all the performance possibilities and still allows them to develop into real athletes.


red maize subliem 20%
extra plate maize 15%
extra wheat 10%
paddy rice 10%
safflower 9%
dari 8%
small green peas 5%
maple peas 5%
dun peas 2%
rice 2%
extra barley 2%
vetches 2%
toasted soya beans 2%
milocorn 2%
linseed 2%
buckwheat 1%
yellow peas 1%
striped sunflower seeds 1%
german thistle seed 1%

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