Shower & Window Perch for Small Parrots

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 Shower & Window Perch for Small ParrotsShower & Window Perch for Small Parrots 

Shower & Window Perch for Small Parrots


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Ref:  AA2457
Brand:  Zoo-Max


Small Size - approx 9 inch x 9 inch with perch diameter 7/8 inch - suited to small parrots include caiques, senegals, meyers, ringnecks etc

The Zoo-Max shower and window perch has very strong suction cups that stock to tiles in the show, or to glass windows. Showering is great for your parrot and it encourages natural preening behavior.

The perch is made from food-grade contact PVC so as to be safe for your parrot if it decides to chew the edges.  All parts are fluted to give better grip and the main perch at the top has a sanded wrap around for even better grip in the water. 

The top perch swings around so can be folded away flat against the tiles or window when not in use.

Available in three sizes to suit all types of parrots.




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