Ole Junior Bird Kabob

Ole Junior Bird Kabob
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Brand:  Bird Kabob

Bird Kabob

Bird Kabobs - "The Ultimate Shreddable Bird Toy"

Bird Kabobs are made from natural Yucca wood - soft and fiberous and ideal for birds to chew!  100% biodegradable, sustainable and earth friendly.

The "Ole Junior" Bird Kabob is the smaller version of the very popular "Ole" kabob.  The outer casing has been left on which makes this kabob slightly harder to chew than most of the others - making it a bit longer lasting.  Holes have been cut into the outer casing to give the parrot somewhere to start! 

Dimensions: approx 2 1/2" wide x 13" long.

Suitable for all parrots, parakeets and budgies. 

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