Bird Kabobs

Bird Kabobs - "The Ultimate Shreddable Bird Toy" - new lower prices for 2015

Bird Kabobs are made from natural Yucca wood - soft and fiberous and ideal for birds to chew!  100% biodegradable, sustainable and earth friendly.  Suitable for all parrots, parakeets and budgies.  Kabobs are great fun for any parrot that likes to chew and shred.  The smaller kabobs are great for parakeets or parrots that are a bit reluctant to try new toys, while the larger kabobs such as the Ole are ideal for larger parrots and seasoned chewers!

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Bonita Bird Kabob

Carnival Swing Bird Kabob

Chiquito Bird Kabob

Mini Bird Kabob

Mucho Grando Bird Kabob

Ole Bird Kabob

Ole Junior Bird Kabob

Original Bird Kabob

Super Bird Kabob

Tango Bird Kabob


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