Parrot Puzzle Treat Tower

Parrot Puzzle Treat Tower
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Makes Parrots work for their treats! This puzzle treat tower has been designed to keep parrots entertained. The coloured see through acrylic allows your parrot to see the reward you have placed inside. They just need to work out how to make it fall to the opening at the bottom.

Retrieving their reward involves pulling out the three platforms, making the reward fall towards the opening at the bottom where they can grab it. The flat base helps to prevent the tower from being tipped over.

The best rewards to use are those that your parrot adores the most (edible or non edible). It might be a nut still in its shell, pieces of fruit or a wood shape.

The Puzzle Treat Tower is suitable for all medium and large parrots and is best suited to those that enjoy a challenge.  Great for african greys, macwas, caiques, cockatoos, amazons etc.

Height 16cm (6.25")
Width 12cm (4.75")
Depth 12cm (4.75")


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