Refill for Shred It! Toy

Refill for Shred It! Toy
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Ref:  AA2108
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Super strong cylinder shaped holder complete with a fun to shred paper roll.  Has your parrot mastered all other paper shredding toys? If so it is definitely worth trying them with The Shred It! Parrot Toy.

This hanging toy has one small slit in it, just enough for the end of the paper roll inside to poke through, how irresistible! A number of holes at each end allow the bird to grip the toy, stopping it from spinning on the chain. You can then watch as your parrot learns to pull the end of the paper roll and shred it all up, a great way to keep the bird`s beak busy and their mind entertained. To ensure the shredding never ends one end of the cylinder unfastens and a Shred It! Paper Roll Refill can be placed inside, ready to go again.

Suitable for all medium and large parrots - african greys, macaws, amazons, conures etc

Dimensions - Toy
Total Length 24cm (9.5")
Width 10cm (4")
Diameter 7.5cm (3")

Acrylic, Paper, Metal

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