Replacement Treasure for Treasure Hunt Toy

Replacement Treasure for Treasure Hunt Toy
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Ref:  AA1998

The Treasure Hunt parrot foraging toy is prefilled with coloured wood shapes for your parrot to hunt and remove from this tough and secure treasure chest.  For the more experienced bird, you can also teach them how to put the blocks back in again.  

The see through design means your parrot can easily see the rewards inside their foraging toy. Various shaped holes around the toy allow access to the goodies inside but also make it challenging for them to be removed.  The Parrots Treasure Hunt Foraging Toy can easily be refilled with a Treasure Hunt Replacement Refill pack.

If your parrot tires of the wooden blocks, you can also fill the treasure chest with edible treasure - any treat that your parrot enjoys and that will fit through the holes.  You can also fill with shredded paper or sticks for hours of chewing fun! 

The Treasure Hunt parrot foraging toy is suitable for all medium and large parrots - african greys, amazons, cockatoos, macaws etc.

Total Length 25cm (10")
Width12cm (4.7")
Depth7cm (2.75")

Acrylic, Wood, Metal

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