Arcadia Florescent Bird Lamps (Tubes)

Arcadia Florescent Bird Lamps (Tubes)
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Brand:  Arcadia


The Arcadia range of bird lamps has been developed in order to provide an artificial source of ultraviolet (UV) light, which is essential to captive birds denied exposure to direct sunlight. The use of a light source that mimics the natural UV content of sunlight has recognised health benefits, and provides birds with a more natural view their surroundings, encouraging natural behaviour and in many cases improved breeding results. Unlike normal fluorescent lamps, the Arcadia Bird Lamp uses special UV emitting phosphors to replicate the spectral pattern of sunlight with 12% of the total light output emitted as UV-A and 2.4% UV-B.

Use the table below to select the correct length and output for your birdroom.   The tubes can be fitted into most standard fluorescent light fittings. 

Arcadia Fluorescent Bird Lamps:

  • Recreate UV exposure for domestic birds
  • Promote vitamin synthesis
  • Restore natural vision
  • Are Available in linear form for aviaries and bird rooms
Watt Length Diameter Lumens Temp CRI
18W 24″ – 600mm T8 – 26mm 900lm 5800K 1A
30W 36″ – 900mm T8 – 26mm 1700lm 5800K 1A
36W 48″ – 1200mm T8 – 26mm 2300lm 5800K 1A
58W 60″ – 1500mm T8 – 26mm 3700lm 5800K 1A

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