Top Fill Bath - Blue

Top Fill Bath - Blue
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Top Fill Bath - Blue

The days of carrying (and invariably spilling) bird baths full of water are over!  This innovative "top fill" bird bath allows you to position the bath before filling it through the hole in the roof.  THe detachable clips can be used at either the front of the bath for attaching externally to the cage, or at the back of the bath, for attaching inside a cage or an aviary. 

The covered in design helps to keep the water in the bath rather than than on the floor, the walls, the food bowls...

A large bath measuring approximately 24cm wide x 17cm deep x 18cm high.

Perfect for canaries, finches, budgies, grass parakeets, parrotlets, kakarikis, lorikeets, conures, linneolated pararkaets and all similar sized birds.  Also a great size for caiques, senegals and other small parrots, though this will not stand up to persistent beaks so would be better used under supervision.  

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