Chickopedia- Charlotte Popescu

Chickopedia- Charlotte Popescu
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Becoming an expert on hens and cockerels using the unique A to Z of fascinating facts and fabulous fiction.

  • The ancient Egyptians used mass incubation hatching 1000s of chicks.
  • The Greeks worshipped the cockerel who was their time keeper, herald of dawn and weather forecaster.
  • Chickens have their own language with 30 different calls.
  • Some hens develop male traits and actually start crowing.
  • Chickens love sunbathing.
  • A ball of human hair can help to deter foxes.
  • Hens stop laying in the autumn while they moult.


This book is full of tips and hints on keeping chickens with information  on breeds, housing, feeding, hen behaviour, egg laying and hatching chicks.

Keep hens in your garden and you won’t look back -  they’ll steal the show, entertaining you and your friends and capturing all your hearts.

Charlotte Popescu has a passion for hens and has kept a flock in her garden for over 14 years.

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