Bathing Birds

7 July 2015  |  Admin

Birds love to bathe – it’s a part of their basic natural behaviour and has both physical and mental benefits.

Bird baths

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, bird baths are a vital piece of equipment for anyone that keeps indoor birds.  They can be as simple as a shallow container on the floor of larger aviaries – though these are prone to soiling and contamination with feed, so water must be changed after an hour or two.  There are enclosed baths to suit smaller birds such as canaries and finches, and also larger baths for budgies and small parakeets. 

Consider the fixing mechanisms on bird baths, some are designed to be set temporarily into the cage door and are particularly suitable for single birds in small cages in the home or for use with breeding cages.  Others such as the Multi Bath are more versatile and have hooks to allow the bath to be set directly on to the inside of the cage, either hung on the cage bars or the wire mesh of an aviary. 

Bath salts can be added which help to keep the birds free of pests and also give a better shine to the feathers.