7 July 2015  |  Admin

Quail are often fed on chick crumb but again are better with a feed that is actually designed for quail.  Quail mini pellets are available, as are quail mixes which contain both pellets and other small seeds, such as millet and dari. 

Young quail chicks need a very high protein diet, ideally at least 24%.  The protein level can be reduced to about 20% after the first three to four weeks.  Quail are often kept in the bottom of mixed aviaries to clean up spilt seed from smaller birds.  If you are keeping quail in this way you need to ensure that the birds are still receiving adequate nutrition. 

Quail will do well with the smaller size feeders and drinkers usually sold for chicks.    Care must be taken with quail chicks to ensure that they do not drown in drinking water, as they can be as small as bumble bees when they hatch.  A good tip is to add a layer of marbles or pebbles to the drinker tray so that the water is only a couple of millimetres deep. 

Quail eggs are a great additional to the table, and you can find lots of unusual recipes online too.