Transporting Cage Birds

7 July 2015  |  Admin

At one point or another most bird owners will need to move their birds from one location to another.  This might be a one off trip for a veterinary consultation, or when buying or selling birds.  It may be a more regular occurrence such as transporting a pet to another home for holiday cover, taking part in bird shows or just for recreational activity. 

The best type of bird carrier depends mainly on the type of bird that is being transported, and also on the length of time in transit.  Regardless of the type of bird in question, the key considerations are always the safety and comfort of the birds.

There are a number of options available for transporting small cage birds such as canaries, finches and budgies:

Specially designed small card transport boxes can be utilised for one off trips. These are ideal when purchasing new bird from breeders or shops.

Serious bird breeders exhibiting birds on a regular basis can make use of show carry boxes. These come in a range of sizes, and house from one bird to over a dozen. Seed can be offered inside the compartments, and some more specialist designs also have integral feeders and drinkers. These are designed for carrying birds overnight and for longer trips.