Johnston & Jeff Scottish Tonic Type 88

Johnston & Jeff Scottish Tonic Type 88
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Brand:  Johnston & Jeff

Johnston & Jeff

Johnston & Jeff Scottish Tonic Type 88 - 12.75kg

A compound feed for Budgerigars. To be fed as part of the diet and should not exceed 15% for pet birds but can be increased to 25% in breeding or aviary birds as required.

Ingredients: naked oats, panicum, canary seed, white milletseed, red milletseed, pinhead oatmeal, niger seed, rapeseed, whole linseed, mawseed, hempseed, aniseed oil.

A different approach to a protein pick-me-up mix for Budgerigars. We were asked to put this blend together by top breeder Robbie Knox. The recipe has a high proportion of natural groats. These are better than the groats which have been stabilised and give a higher protein content. In traditional varieties of oats the kernel or groat is surrounded by a thick husk that lowers the energy value of the grain. In naked oats the kernel threshes free from the seed at harvest thereby increasing nutritive value. Naked oats contain around 30% more protein (typically 11-13%) and 40-50% more oil than hulled varieties. Use much in the same way as Budgerigar Type 22, although it is advisable to feed separate seed pots of Jap type millet at the same time as this Type when youngsters are in the nest.

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